Week in Review – 5 April 2013

Library Terrace Interpretative Displays / Self-Guided Library Tour

Pam Hawks, our intern this semester has been working to develop some interpretative materials for the library terrace as part of an expansion of our plans for a facility tour. We shared some draft panels at this week’s all staff meeting. Links to those drafts are below. Here is a brief review of what we’ve accomplished this year regarding the displays and the self-guided library tour.

Given the amount of visitor traffic that we receive, we would like to have a way that building guests could circulate through the building and receive interpretation/information about the facility, our services, and the notable objects on display. Earlier this year, many library staff collaborated to bring together a new online library tour (http://usmalibrary.org/tour), that brings together much of this information as a LibGuide. This content provides a very good overview for visitors, though is challenged by the current lack of quality wireless or cell signals available in the library. We continue to work toward better infrastructure that would make that content more accessible inside the building. To compensate, we have planned to place small placards throughout the library near the notable areas mentioned in the online tour to allow someone to get the majority of information without an internet-connected device. We have also prepared a small brochure that would guide visitors through the building. Both of those pieces of the project are on hold awaiting funding to continue. Once we have funds, we will work to complete them.

Since the terrace is a natural draw for visitors, and so much of West Point’s history can be illustrated from the view there, we feel that there is a great opportunity to create some interpretative displays that tell the West Point story. These are designed to be place-based in that they talk about the physical landscape you can see from the terrace, but also representative of the entire history of the area from the time when Henry Hudson sailed up the river to roughly the present day. Pam has also prepared one panel to be included in the Haig Piano alcove discussing Benedict Arnold (more appropriate on the East side of the building than the North).

Because the terrace is outside, visitors should have reliable data service via smartphones, so we will also have a more extensive online component that delves deeper into the history. Yesterday we shared the drafts of the panels and Pam is continuing to work on the online component. We are engaging colleagues in the Geography and Environmental Engineering department for expertise in the graphical display of geographic information and will be further refining over the next few weeks. Actual production and installation will be contingent upon funding.

Comments and thoughts about the project are welcome and thanks to Pam Hawks for pulling this together for us.

PDF_terrace display_11x17 version benedict_arnold_exhibit_11x17

Furlough Update

We do not have any new official news to share on furlough planning this week. We will be working to finalize planning with the Dean’s Office so that we will know how the furlough will affect our services. More information will be shared as soon as it is known.

USMA Library Events

The events below will likely affect USMA Library and Jefferson Hall operations in the coming week.

Date USMA O/DEAN USMA Library Jefferson Hall Hours
5 Apr 2013
 AOG Campaign Launch Week in Review AOG Campaign Launch 0700-2100
6 Apr 2013
AOG Campaign Launch AOG Campaign Launch 0700-2100
7 Apr 2013
AOG Campaign Launch 1100-2245
8 Apr 2013
OIR Conference 0700-2245
9 Apr 2013
Division Heads  OIR Conference 0700-2245
10 Apr 2013
Day of Remembrance Luncheon  Dean’s Staff WP Negotiation Conference 0700-2245
11 Apr 2013
WP Negotiation Conference WP Negotiation Conference 0700-2245
12 Apr 2013
WP Negotiation Conference WP Negotiation Conference 0700-2100

USMA Library Metrics

USMA Library tracks a number of key statistics to measure service levels. These are their stories …

Access Services
Items Charged Out 867 231 939
Gate Count N/A N/A N/A N/A
Administrative Services
DV Tours 0 0 0 0
Significant Events Hosted 3 0 2 7
Events/Meetings Attended 19 18 21 16
Information Gateway
Reference Questions 52 4 54
Library Instruction Sessions 0 0 0
Cadets Attending Sessions 0 0 22
Materials Processing
Items Added – Books 68 52 29 22
Items Added – Digital 0 2,570 4,542 0
Items Added – GovDocs 85 48 18 114
Items Added – Other 0 0 0 0
Continuing Resource Check-Ins 163 80 108 189
Special Collections & Archives
Reference Inquiries 31 30 44 34
Research Visits < 1 hour 8 0 7 14
Research Visits < 1 day 3 1 2 7
Research Visits > 1 day 0 0 3 1
Instruction Sessions 4 0 0 6
Cadets Taught 53 0 0 97
Systems Management
Library Home Page Visits 2,674 1,055 2,395 2,421
LibGuides Visits 876 261 696 688
Digital Collections Visits 155 164 120 122
Facebook Visits 40 18 29 12
Public Printer Prints 0 0 0 0
Public Printer Copies 13 54 20 22
Public Printer Scans 53 19 53 52

USMA Library Radar

Brief status updates on current and planned library initiatives. ★ indicates a 2012-13 objective.

Access Services
★ Communication Channels Beta Blog expanding Assigned 31-Mar-13
★ JH 2nd Floor Review Comments welcome Assigned 30-Apr-13
ALSC Metrics Design Programming being done by Army Waiting 01-Feb-13
JH Security System Design Paused 31-May-13
Guide to Event Planning Reworking into digital product Assigned 31-May-13
★ New Employee On-Boarding Next step is review Assigned 31-May-13
Windowshade Repair Haig repair partially complete Waiting 31-May-13
Library Parking Space Awaiting DES Waiting 31-May-13
★ Gift SOP Planned 31-May-13
★ USMPS On hold Assigned 31-May-13
★ Gift / Needs Statements Planned 31-May-13
ConnectNY Annual Meeting Request forwarded to GC Waiting 10-Jun-13
★ Mobile Infrastructure Waiting for Airwatch system Waiting 31-Aug-13
Fires of Hate Exhibit Dates selected for Apr-Jun 2014 Planned 15-Jan-14
Information Gateway
★ Evening Skills Clinics Spring slate underway Assigned 31-May-13
★ LibGuide Review Planning underway Assigned 31-May-13
★ Embedded Liaisons Department work underway Assigned 31-May-13
IGD GS-09/11 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 31-May-13
★ Academic Support Statements Statement work underway Assigned 31-Jul-13
Materials Processing
★ Collection Inventory SOP Planned 28-Feb-13
★ Gov Docs Review Assigned 30-Apr-13
Withdrawal Policy Planned 31-May-13
★ CTC Digital Collections On hold pending repository Waiting 31-May-13
MPD GS-11 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 31-May-13
MPD GS-11 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 31-May-13
Special Collections and Archives
★ Ring Case Biographies Initial planning underway Assigned 31-May-13
★ WP Authors Reception Planning for fall Assigned 31-May-13
★ Fee-For-Service Planned 31-May-13
★ Library History Exhibit Planned 31-May-13
SC&AD GS-06 Recruitment Hiring freeze Assigned 31-May-13
Bartlett Hall Move Re-awaiting funding Assigned 30-Jun-13
Systems Management
★ Discovery Layer Review of vendor visits Assigned 01-Mar-13
SMD GS-06 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 01-Mar-13
★ Institutional Repository Planned 30-Apr-13
★ Security System Review Planned 30-Jun-13
★ Public Website Redesign Redesign underway Active 30-Jun-13

Food for Thought

A few quotations from the past week about libraries, information, technology, and the future

  • “IF iron ore was the raw material that enriched the steel baron Andrew Carnegie in the Industrial Age, personal data is what fuels the barons of the Internet age. Mr. Acquisti investigates the trade-offs that users make when they give up that data, and who gains and loses in those transactions. Often there are immediate rewards (cheap sandals) and sometimes intangible risks downstream (identity theft). “Privacy is delayed gratification,” he warned.” – Web Privacy, and How Consumers Let Down Their Guard – NYTimes.com
  • “In Florida, 97 percent of teachers were deemed effective or highly effective in the most recent evaluations. In Tennessee, 98 percent of teachers were judged to be “at expectations.” In Michigan, 98 percent of teachers were rated effective or better. Advocates of education reform concede that such rosy numbers, after many millions of dollars developing the new systems and thousands of hours of training, are worrisome. “It is too soon to say that we’re where we started and it’s all been for nothing,” said Sandi Jacobs, vice president of the National Council on Teacher Quality, a research and policy organization. “But there are some alarm bells going off.” – Curious Grade for Teachers – Nearly All Pass – NYTimes.com
  • “In recent decades, he says, everyday technologies have forced us into a discombobulated state of constant alert. Our phones beep around the clock with news of emails, tweets and text messages. And entertainment networks have largely abandoned long-form narratives in favour of the strobe-like intensity of reality television. Changes like these, thinks Rushkoff, have robbed us of the ability to pause and to put events into context. We are afflicted with “present shock”. Among other things, it causes some of us … to see connections where there are none.” – CultureLab: Has technology forced us into a ‘present shock’?
  • “The launch will showcase some transformative uses [of the archive] that show what you can do with a massive digital library that’s been operationalized.” – Dan Cohen, Executive Director of the Digital Public Library of America. From How the Digital Public Library of America hopes to build a real public commons | The Verge
  • “A business born out of the invention of mechanical reproduction transforms and transcends the very circumstances of its inception, and again has the potential to continue to transform and transcend itself—to disrupt industries like education, to drive the movie industry, to empower the gaming industry. Book culture is in far less peril than many choose to assume, for the notion of an imperiled book culture assumes that book culture is a beast far more refined, rarified, and fragile than it actually is. By defining books as against technology, we deny our true selves, we deny the power of the book. Let’s restore to publishing its true reputation—not as a hedge against the future, not as a bulwark against radical change, not as a citadel amidst the barbarians, but rather as the future at hand, as the radical agent of change, as the barbarian.” – VQR » What Is the Business of Literature?
  • “I believe that deeper professor-student shifts are in store for us. It’s not controversial to say that the Web has significantly eroded the special claim that professors have as unique repositories of knowledge. That doesn’t mean we’re useless in the classroom. Quite the opposite, in fact. “It’s not about memorizing the structure of the periodic table,” I tell my students these days, “because that’s all on Wikipedia. It’s about communicating to me that you can solve problems. Because the world has a lot of problems.” In short, the information age makes it easier to make it clear to students that the central pillar of their college education is what we have always believed it to be: their responsibility.” – It’s a Flipping Revolution – Do Your Job Better – The Chronicle of Higher Education