Week in Review – 26 April 2013

Code White / Code Red SOP

We have been making slow and steady progress toward more documentation of policies and procedures for the library this year, and we’ll be working to finalize a number of additional ones over the coming weeks. Some may ask what the difference is between policies and procedures. Succinctly put, a policy states what we will do, while a procedure talks about how we do it. Some may ask if we really need to write these things down since we all know what to do anyway. The reality is there is not a week (or usually a day) that goes by when some matter of policy arises that requires assessment and decisions. Inevitably some of these decisions are difficult, and without clear documented policies we run the risk of making inconsistent decisions. We also can end up at odds with ourselves within the organization. We want to clarify as many of these situations as possible, while recognizing we’ll never get them all. However, there are many that we can tackle.

This week, we have some draft text that makes up an SOP for how we will handle Code White and Code Red situations. As a procedure, this describes what we do when those situations are declared. I welcome your comments and thoughts.

SOP – Code White Code Red

As we work through these documents, they will be collected on SharePoint and should begin to form a more solid core we can turn to guide us through the many interesting situations that come along in the life of librarians at USMA. Thanks for your input to make these better for everyone.

Budget / Furlough Update

We do not have any new official news to share on furlough planning this week. We are expecting new spending targets for the library to be given in the next week which should let us acquire core and critical resources through the remainder of the fiscal year.

USMA Library Events

The events below will likely affect USMA Library and Jefferson Hall operations in the coming week.

Date USMA O/DEAN USMA Library Jefferson Hall Hours
26 Apr 2013
Class of 1953 Reunion Week in Review Center for the Study of Civil-Military Operations 0700-2100
27 Apr 2013
 Retiree Parade 0700-2100
28 Apr 2013
 Admissions Diversity Conference 1100-2245
29 Apr 2013
Opera Forum 0700-2245
30 Apr 2013
Division Heads 0700-2245
1 May 2013
 Dean’s Staff 0700-2245
2 May 2013
 Projects Day Projects Day 0700-2245
3 May 2013
 Week in Review  D/MATH First Class Recognition 0700-2100

USMA Library Metrics

USMA Library tracks a number of key statistics to measure service levels. These are their stories …

Access Services
Items Charged Out 674 1,046 1,151 1,129
Gate Count N/A N/A 5,985 6,662
Administrative Services
DV Tours 0 0 0 1
Significant Events Hosted 7 4 3 3
Events/Meetings Attended 16 19 13 26
Information Gateway
Reference Questions 49 60 78 65
Library Instruction Sessions 4 0 8 2
Cadets Attending Sessions 2 0 1 19
Materials Processing
Items Added – Books 22 9 92 83
Items Added – Digital 0 0 1,527  7,561
Items Added – GovDocs 114 105 39 113
Items Added – Other 0 0 1 0
Continuing Resource Check-Ins 189 921 114 103
Special Collections & Archives
Reference Inquiries 34 34 53 53
Research Visits < 1 hour 14 9 7 10
Research Visits < 1 day 7 6 3  2
Research Visits > 1 day 1 0 1  0
Instruction Sessions 6 1 0  0
Cadets Taught 97 16 0  0
Systems Management
Library Home Page Visits 2,421 2,717 2,811  2,622
LibGuides Visits 688 825 766  817
Digital Collections Visits 122 138 151  264
Facebook Visits 12 23 14  21
Public Printer Prints 0 0 0 0
Public Printer Copies 22 25 85  20
Public Printer Scans 52 14 113  102

USMA Library Radar

Brief status updates on current and planned library initiatives. ★ indicates a 2012-13 objective.

Access Services
★ Communication Channels Beta Blog expanding Assigned 31-Mar-13
★ JH 2nd Floor Review Meeting with team Assigned 30-Apr-13
ALSC Metrics Design Programming being done by Army Waiting 01-Feb-13
JH Security System Design Paused 31-May-13
Guide to Event Planning Reworking into digital product Assigned 31-May-13
★ New Employee On-Boarding Next step is review Assigned 31-May-13
Windowshade Repair Haig repair partially complete Waiting 31-May-13
Library Parking Space Awaiting DES Waiting 31-May-13
★ Gift SOP Planned 31-May-13
★ USMPS On hold Assigned 31-May-13
★ Gift / Needs Statements Planned 31-May-13
ConnectNY Annual Meeting Request forwarded to GC Waiting 10-Jun-13
★ Mobile Infrastructure Waiting for Airwatch system Waiting 31-Aug-13
Fires of Hate Exhibit Dates selected for Apr-Jun 2014 Planned 15-Jan-14
Information Gateway
★ Evening Skills Clinics Spring slate underway Assigned 31-May-13
★ LibGuide Review Work underway Assigned 31-May-13
★ Embedded Liaisons Department work underway Assigned 31-May-13
IGD GS-09/11 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 31-May-13
★ Academic Support Statements Statement work underway Assigned 31-Jul-13
Materials Processing
★ Collection Inventory SOP Planned 28-Feb-13
★ Gov Docs Review Assigned 30-Apr-13
Withdrawal Policy Planned 31-May-13
★ CTC Digital Collections On hold pending repository Waiting 31-May-13
MPD GS-11 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 31-May-13
MPD GS-11 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 31-May-13
Special Collections and Archives
★ Ring Case Biographies Initial planning underway Assigned 31-May-13
★ WP Authors Reception Planning for fall Assigned 31-May-13
★ Fee-For-Service Planned 31-May-13
★ Library History Exhibit Planned 31-May-13
SC&AD GS-06 Recruitment Hiring freeze Assigned 31-May-13
Bartlett Hall Move Re-awaiting funding Assigned 30-Jun-13
Systems Management
★ Discovery Layer Review of vendor visits Assigned 01-Mar-13
SMD GS-06 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 01-Mar-13
★ Institutional Repository Planned 30-Apr-13
★ Security System Review Planned 30-Jun-13
★ Public Website Redesign Redesign underway Active 30-Jun-13

Food for Thought

A few quotations from the past week about libraries, information, technology, and the future

  • “If you’re told what to look for, you can’t see anything else. So one thing is to see, in a way, without words…. Once you have an idea, or somebody tells you something to look for, that’s about all you can see. I had this experience recently: A dear friend of ours has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and I hadn’t seen her for about six months. And when she came and visited, I couldn’t see her anymore. I could only look now for symptoms, how the dementia was manifesting itself. I couldn’t see her through any other lens but the possible symptoms. And that one word, that one piece of knowledge totally corrupted every time I looked at her.” – Edward Tufte
  • “As many as half of the world’s 7,000 languages are expected to be extinct by the end of this century; it is estimated that one language dies out every 14 days.” – Dying languages: scientists fret as one disappears every 14 days | Toronto Star
  • “It’s not just e-mails. Unreturned phone calls, texts and messages via social media can be just as irritating. But I’m going to concentrate on e-mails because for most people (teenage sons excepted), they are the most common tool of business and personal communication. A large part of the problem, said Terri Kurtzberg, an associate professor of management and global business at Rutgers Business School, is that in face-to-face or phone conversations, “it’s clear how long a silence should last before you need to respond,” she said. “There’s no norm with digital communication.” – The Anxiety of the Unanswered E-Mail – NYTimes.com
  • “Cameras on phones. Cameras on drones. Cameras on glasses. Cameras atop stores, in ATMs, on the street, on lapels, up high in the sky. Modern cars log detailed data their manufacturers can access if they so desire. Oh, and “if you carry a phone, your location is being recorded every minute of every day.” – OK Glass, RIP Privacy: The Democratization Of Surveillance | TechCrunch
  • “The web may have unleashed infinite possibilities of information and speed, but it still has to be absorbed, assimilated and considered by our clunky old brains if we are to develop any insight or understanding. It’s these last two which are now scarce, and crucially, what both require is concentration. The ability to focus, to persist with complexity and to consider ambiguity or uncertainty: these are the mental abilities we put at risk by flitting from one story to another.” – Rolf Dobelli’s ideas about not needing news are dangerous | Madeleine Bunting | Comment is free | The Guardian
  • “A 10% taking has been held to be lawful even in a developed country such as the US. It is now very clear that publishers are seeking an outright ban on course packs, even those that use a fraction of copyrighted works.” – Copyright organisation asks colleges to buy licence to photocopy book portions – The Economic Times
  • “People don’t read ads. People read what interests them – sometimes it’s an ad.” – The 5Cs of Really Great Content Marketing
  • “Compared to cars and houses, higher education is a much safer investment. For all the media criticism about college losing its luster, you could make a good argument that it’s never been more important. While the returns to college have flattened recently, wage growth has been even weaker (or negative) among non-college grads. As a result, the “bonus” that young workers get from going to college, which economists call, the “college premium,” has tripled in the last 30 years. Today, the share of the 18-24-year-old population enrolled in school is at an all-time high 45 percent today.” – Are Student Loans Destroying the Economy? – Derek Thompson – The Atlantic
  • “The survey found a large percentage of Millennials – and an even larger percentage of users age 35 and older – are uncomfortable with others having access to their personal data online or information about their web behavior. When asked about the statement, “No one should ever be allowed to have access to my personal data or web behavior,” 70 percent of Millennials agreed, compared with 77 percent of users 35 and older. However, in spite of those views, significant percentages of Millennials compared to those age 35 and older are willing to give up some of that privacy – if they benefit from it.” – USC Annenberg | Is online privacy over? Findings from the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future show Millennials embrace a new online reality
  • “There was a time in my life when I wasn’t likely to be found at a library, much less found one.” – George W. Bush speaks at the dedication of his new presidential library in Dallas, Texas.
  • “In an era defined by a $16 trillion federal debt and states across the country struggling with multibillion-dollar shortfalls, we are going to see an unfortunate but inevitable reduction in government funding for higher education. Colleges are facing this reality today. They cannot afford to wait for next-generation solutions. They need this-generation solutions. Millions of students’ futures depend on it.” – Colleges can’t wait for systemic reform, must make changes now (essay) | Inside Higher Ed