Week in Review – 10 May 2013

The Literal Week in Review

Back before I was in a leadership position I remember meeting and talking with the then Associate Director for Library Services at the Library of Congress Deanna Marcum who discussed one way she worked to keep staff in the loop regarding the things that she was working on and dealing with throughout her week. She did that with a weekly email update. That practice is something I have tried to stick with over the years, though I find it perhaps just a beneficial for me as for others as a chance to think about what has been happening and what is coming up.

My take on the update has usually been more topical, talking about a particular initiative that is actively being worked on, or summarizing some work that has been recently completed. This week, I thought I’d dive down at a lower level and list out a more granular look at what I was up to this week. The end of the semester always brings plenty of activity and this week has lived up to that standard 🙂 So below is a list of work-related activities for this week (Sunday-Saturday). Kudos if you make it all the way through the week!

Sunday, 5 May

  • 1300 – Start going through news updates. I spend a fair amount of time doing this, but I think it is important for strategic thinking and particularly understanding changes in education, libraries, government, military, and technology. I routinely monitor more than 650 sources on topics like Business, Creativity, Education, General News, Government, Libraries, Media, Military, Politics, Science, Software, Technology, Thought, and Visualization. I curate items of interest to a blog from which I further cull items for the Food for Thought section (down below)
  • 1400 – HI 105 TEE prep work … preparing draft essay questions for consideration by the full group of instructors and beginning to look at my instructor-specific section.
  • 1530 – Library Objectives … review and compile a first draft from divisional input received the previous week
  • 1700 – Wrap for the day

Monday, 6 May

  • 0755 – Arrive Library
  • 0800 – Daily Operations Meeting in Admin. We meet each morning to do a brief overview of anything that requires coordination that day. (Topics include: Event expected in Haig today … Shades not lowered properly after weekend event … Air handling not appearing to be working … Shelving contract funded)
  • 0815 – Office work. Monday mornings are generally set aside for preparing for the week, particularly for class as needed. Specific tasks worked on included checking in with overnight news … emailing TEE questions to HI 105 course director … archiving USMA email … certifying time cards … preparing two lessons for the week … writing a quiz … continuing work on library objectives … updating weekly statistics … answering email (receive average of 50 messages daily requiring some sort of action) Email topics included, TEE week snacks, weekly statistics from divisions, donor correspondence, proposed database adjustments, ConnectNY Annual Meeting business, ATAAPS leave requests, ConnectNY invoicing, library staffing for Memorial Day)
  • 1150 – Lunch
  • 1240 – Prepare for afternoon meetings.
  • 1300 – Meet with Pam Hawks, intern to do an exit interview as she has completed her work … discuss her impressions of the library and the internship. Took delivery of her final digital files for the terrace interpretative display project.
  • 1345 – More email
  • 1425 – Meeting with LTC Ohlson and LTC Jensen from CEP. Library, CEP, and IID will host the Dean’s Recognition Ceremony on 21 June. We discuss initial tasks and planning assignments.
  • 1445 – Work on thank you letters for recent donations … additional prep work for classes this week … conversation on budget planning with Melinda.
  • 1630 – Heading home to swap kid duty.
  • 1700 – News review from the day.
  • 1745 – Wrap
  • 2045 – Work on reviewing language for proposed new endowment for the library … new language finally received. Draft email to donor introducing changes.
  • 2130 – News and blogging
  • 2215 – Wrap

Tuesday, 7 May

  • 0745 – Arrive Library
  • 0800 – Daily Operations meeting. Topics include: Light use of Haig Room … Shades left down in the Haig Room on Sunday because the weather was nice … Discussed pulling together an estimate for shade repair/replacement … Discussed planning for Dean’s Recognition Ceremony.
  • 0815 – News / Email / Daily Agenda Planning (Email topics of the day include, lost key for the Haig Room, upcoming CFE luncheon, library noise as noted in the AOC report, Supt request for Howitzer support, reviewing potential TEE questions, SC&AD shelving award, new LibGuide standards)
  • 0900 – Weekly Check-in with David / MPD … Discussed review of titles for binding, change of serials vendor, thoughts on discovery platforms, and library objectives.
  • 0930 – Prepare slides for Dean’s Meeting on Wednesday
  • 1000 – Weekly Check-in with Dan / IGD … Discussed objectives … information literacy assessment … liaison assignments for summer/fall.
  • 1105 – Weekly Check-in with Suzanne / SC&AD … Discussed potential endowment gift, move planning, ongoing reference items, summer hours planning.
  • 1145 – Email
  • 1200 – Lunch
  • 1210 – Off to Meeting in Thayer for HI 105 and HI 108 instructors to discuss Plebe History writing program … walked through the opportunities and challenges as observed this year.
  • 1315 – Back in the library … quick prepare for Heads Meeting
  • 1330 – Division Heads … review of proposed objectives … trimmed back the list a bit … divisional updates as reported in the minutes.
  • 1435 – Back in office … final prep for class.
  • 1450 – Off to Thayer for class
  • 1505 – HI 105 Lesson 39 … gave writ … discussed TEE and did some TEE prep. Lecture / Discussion on Ford, Carter, and Reagan presidencies.
  • 1605 – Back in the library … brief conversation with Melinda on budget items and outstanding contracts.
  • 1615 – LTC from DEP to discuss their use of fifth floor for their departmental awards during Grad Week.
  • 1635 – Email and clean off desk
  • 1700 – Head home (and decide on the drive to do a log for this week’s Week in Review)
  • 1940 – News
  • 2015 – Blogging then initial planning for document to be prepared tomorrow for new Supt.
  • 2110 – Review of discovery platform proposal
  • 2130 – Review of library objectives following division heads discussion today
  • 2200 – Type up day log for Saturday-Tuesday.
  • 2245 – Wrap

Wednesday, 8 May

  • 0745 – Arrive Library … Pam and Shalanda out
  • 0800 – Daily Ops Meeting … Discussed event in Haig Room, upcoming DEP grad week event.
  • 0810 – Final preparation of draft objectives … emailed to staff
  • 0830 – Preparation for later meetings, particular web/communications team.
  • 0900 – Weekly Check-in with Christine / SMD … discussed discovery layers, print management, Konica authentication issues, proximity card system issues, website redesign.
  • 0940 – Additional work on website planning for later meeting.
  • 1000 – Cadet AI for upcoming TEE
  • 1025 – Depart for meeting with Dr. Blair in Taylor Hall
  • 1030 – Weekly Check-in with Dr. Blair … discussing hours for Memorial Day, review of discovery project, introduction of draft objectives, planning for iPad acquisition and print management.
  • 1100 – Dean’s Weekly Staff Call … library brief discusses hours for Memorial Day, Archives shelving contract, upcoming ConnectNY meeting, and lack of CPAC support in hiring.
  • 1205 – Discussion with COL Dodge re: purchase of iPads for the library and print management.
  • 1215 – Meeting in Thayer to prepare TEE questions for HI 105.
  • 1255 – Drop by office to pickup documents for web meeting.
  • 1300 – Web/Communications Team Meeting … reviewed edits to our new Discover page, ongoing work on our Get Help tab and began conversations on a page highlighting services by user group (cadets, faculty, community, public).
  • 1405 – Review email (Topics today include: Library Memorial Day hours, ConnectNY elections, Gift of MacArthur address for the Honor Kiosk, CBT Library brief, TEE planning)
  • 1415 – Discussion with Melinda regarding outstanding contracts for collection analysis, Bartlett Hall security system, iPads.
  • 1430 – Work on brief for LTG Caslen on USMA Library (while munching on lunch)
  • 1520 – Prepare iPad pilot survey for cadets in HI 105
  • 1535 – Grade HI 105 writs
  • 1550 – HI 105 Lesson 40 lecture review
  • 1600 – ConnectNY teleconference for June Meeting Planning
  • 1630 – Enter grades online into AMS
  • 1645 – Email
  • 1700 – Brief news review
  • 1710 – Head home
  • 2030 – News review/blogging
  • 2130 – TEE prep review
  • 2215 – Log day
  • 2230 – Wrap

Thursday, 9 May

  • 0745 – Arrive Library … Pam out.
  • 0800 – Daily Ops Meeting – No Haig events, continuing to look at shades.
  • 0810 – Email (Topics include: iPad contract, website redesign, TEE policies, collection analysis, donor correspondence, History iBook project).
  • 0900 – Weekly Check-in with Melinda / ADM … discussed a reduction in our Jane’s subscription, our quote for collection analysis, shade repair, iPads, coordinating hours for graduation week.
  • 1000 – Weekly Check-in with Debbie / ASD … discussed online scheduling in SharePoint, RFID & security, objectives, communications/blog work for the summer.
  • 1035 – Rating Check-in with Sharon
  • 1100 – Email / Clean up desk
  • 1130 – Rating Check-in with Casey
  • 1205 – Lunch
  • 1225 – Review agenda for staff meeting
  • 1250 – Head to 514
  • 1300 – All Library Staff Meeting … divisional updates, and review of proposed objectives
  • 1400 – Examine falling microphone from the ceiling in 501 (Pradeep will look further).
  • 1410 – Teleconference for ConnectNY web redesign team.
  • 1430 – Review for class.
  • 1440 – Depart for Thayer … swing through History department to pick up paper for TEE and make copies of final questions for cadets.
  • 1505 – HI 105 Lesson 40 … reviewed for TEE, took iPad survey for pilot, discussed globalization during the presidencies of Clinton and Bush.
  • 1605 – Arrive back in library
  • 1615 – Meeting with contractor who will install Bartlett shelving and Melinda. Do a walkthrough discussing timelines and logistics.
  • 1645 – Arrive back in library. Email.
  • 1705 – Head home
  • 1930 – Review news
  • 2020 – Final TEE prep
  • 2100 – Begin to review IT Strategy final document for Dean
  • 2210 – Log day
  • 2220 – Wrap

Friday, 10 May

  • 0745 – Arrive Library … Fridays are usually days for catch up and I try not to schedule meetings. This is the first Friday in several weeks I’ve been successful at fending them off.
  • 0800 – Daily Ops Meeting – No Haig events, library web server offline due to security breach
  • 0810 – Coordinate website response … draft email for distribution by the Dean’s Office … multiple discussions with IETD regarding next steps … outage posted to the blog and Facebook … notification to reference desk as POC for research.
  • 0840 – Email (Library web, ATAAPS, AOC reports, History iBooks project and HTML5 design tasker)
  • 0900 – Review news
  • 0920 – Email … seeking update on recruitment from CPAC
  • 0930 – Print TEEs
  • 0930 – Clean off part of desk … Inbox Zero! (lasts 8 minutes)
  • 0950 – Review Bartlett shelving materials
  • 1010 – Various tasks … news … beginning to pull together content for Week in Review … update WordPress online.
  • 1145 – Lunch
  • 1210 – Resume work on Week in Review.
  • 1400 – Conversations on ConnectNY event planning and our submission for ACRL biannual statistics.
  • 1415 – News review and selection of Food for Thought.
  • 1515 – Telephone call with IETD regarding library web server outage and prioritization of work to restore service.
  • 1530 – Finish Week in Review … dig through piles of paper that have been building up for a while.
  • 1600 – Check-in with Reference/Circulation regarding web outage.
  • 1610 – Forms for recruitment sent by CPAC … meet with Dan to review and return.
  • 1620 – Post Week in Review … reacquire Inbox Zero!
  • 1630 – Head home

Saturday, 11 May

  • 1000 – Arrive for TEE, setup classroom, distribute exams, gather returned iPads and reset them.
  • 1100 – Administer TEE, grade Part I while cadets work Parts II and III.
  • 1430 – Finish TEE.
  • 1515 – Head home

Budget / Furlough Update

We do not have any new official news to share on furlough planning this week. We continue to push all remaining contracts for the fiscal year.

USMA Library Events

The events below will likely affect USMA Library and Jefferson Hall operations in the coming week.

Date USMA O/DEAN USMA Library Jefferson Hall Hours
10 May 2013
 Last Day of Classes Week in Review 0700-2100
11 May 2013
Term End Exams Begin 0700-2100
12 May 2013
13 May 2013
 TEEs 0700-2245
14 May 2013
TEEs Division Heads 0700-2245
15 May 2013
TEEs 0700-2245
16 May 2013
TEEs 0700-2245
17 May 2013
TEEs Week in Review  COL Ressler Retirement Ceremony 0700-2100

USMA Library Metrics

USMA Library tracks a number of key statistics to measure service levels. These are their stories …

Access Services
Items Charged Out 1,151 1,129 803 648
Gate Count 5,985 6,662 5,545 6,523
Administrative Services
DV Tours 0 1 0 0
Significant Events Hosted 3 3 2 4
Events/Meetings Attended 13 26 22 24
Information Gateway
Reference Questions 78 65 48 23
Library Instruction Sessions 8 2 0 0
Cadets Attending Sessions 1 19 0 0
Materials Processing
Items Added – Books 92 83 32 91
Items Added – Digital 1,527 7,561 21 117
Items Added – GovDocs 39 113 111 180
Items Added – Other 1 0 0 0
Continuing Resource Check-Ins 114 103 93 90
Special Collections & Archives
Reference Inquiries 53 53 40 44
Research Visits < 1 hour 7 10 21 7
Research Visits < 1 day 3 2 2 3
Research Visits > 1 day 1 0 0 0
Instruction Sessions 0 0 1 0
Cadets Taught 0 0 13 0
Systems Management
Library Home Page Visits 2,811 2,622 2,290 1,791
LibGuides Visits 766 817 790 500
Digital Collections Visits 151 264 409 344
Facebook Visits 14 21 32 17
Public Printer Prints 0 0 0 0
Public Printer Copies 85 20 1 0
Public Printer Scans 113 102 80 47

USMA Library Radar

Brief status updates on current and planned library initiatives. ★ indicates a 2012-13 objective.

Access Services
★ Communication Channels Beta Blog expanding Assigned 31-Mar-13
★ JH 2nd Floor Review Meeting with team Assigned 30-Apr-13
ALSC Metrics Design Programming being done by Army Waiting 01-Feb-13
JH Security System Design Paused 31-May-13
Guide to Event Planning Reworking into digital product Assigned 31-May-13
★ New Employee On-Boarding Next step is review Assigned 31-May-13
Windowshade Repair Haig repair partially complete Waiting 31-May-13
Library Parking Space Awaiting DES Waiting 31-May-13
★ Gift SOP Language in draft Active 31-May-13
★ USMPS On hold Assigned 31-May-13
★ Gift / Needs Statements Planned 31-May-13
ConnectNY Annual Meeting Final planning underway Active 10-Jun-13
★ Mobile Infrastructure Waiting for Airwatch system Waiting 31-Aug-13
Fires of Hate Exhibit Dates selected for Apr-Jun 2014 Planned 15-Jan-14
Information Gateway
★ Evening Skills Clinics Spring slate underway Assigned 31-May-13
★ LibGuide Review Work underway Assigned 31-May-13
★ Embedded Liaisons Department work underway Assigned 31-May-13
IGD GS-09/11 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 31-May-13
★ Academic Support Statements Statement work underway Assigned 31-Jul-13
Materials Processing
★ Collection Inventory SOP Planned 28-Feb-13
★ Gov Docs Review Assigned 30-Apr-13
Withdrawal Policy Planned 31-May-13
★ CTC Digital Collections On hold pending repository Waiting 31-May-13
MPD GS-11 Recruitment Awaiting CPAC Action Waiting 31-May-13
MPD GS-11 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 31-May-13
Special Collections and Archives
★ Ring Case Biographies Initial planning underway Assigned 31-May-13
★ WP Authors Reception Planning for fall Assigned 31-May-13
★ Fee-For-Service Planned 31-May-13
★ Library History Exhibit Planned 31-May-13
SC&AD GS-06 Recruitment Hiring freeze Assigned 31-May-13
Bartlett Hall Move Re-awaiting funding Assigned 30-Jun-13
Systems Management
★ Discovery Layer Funded Assigned 01-Mar-13
SMD GS-06 Recruitment Hiring freeze Waiting 01-Mar-13
★ Institutional Repository Planned 30-Apr-13
★ Security System Review Planned 30-Jun-13
★ Public Website Redesign Redesign underway Active 30-Jun-13

Food for Thought

A few quotations from the past week about libraries, information, technology, and the future

  • “The elite schools will get better and better and the state schools will get more standardized and commodified, more reliably mediocre. Actually, that’s an optimistic scenario. If we check out secondary education, we can see that the elite high schools are better than ever, while most high schools are pretty much warehouses for teenagers. Those two kinds of high schools will pretty predictably feed those two kinds of colleges. And nobody with eyes to see trusts assessment rubrics to guarantee quality control.” – MOOCS and the Stratification of American Higher Education | Rightly Understood | Big Think
  • “The unemployment rate for college graduates in April was a mere 3.9 percent, compared with 7.5 percent for the work force as a whole, according to a Labor Department report released Friday. Even when the jobless rate for college graduates was at its very worst in this business cycle, in November 2010, it was still just 5.1 percent. That is close to the jobless rate the rest of the work force experiences when the economy is good. Among all segments of workers sorted by educational attainment, college graduates are the only group that has more people employed today than when the recession started.” – College Graduates Fare Well in Jobs Market, Even Through Recession – NYTimes.com
  • “Let’s repeat that last part: “no digital communication is secure”, by which he means not that any communication is susceptible to government interception as it happens (although that is true), but far beyond that: all digital communications – meaning telephone calls, emails, online chats and the like – are automatically recorded and stored and accessible to the government after the fact. To describe that is to define what a ubiquitous, limitless Surveillance State is.” – Are all telephone calls recorded and accessible to the US government? | Glenn Greenwald | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
  • “Digital technologies create new opportunities for accelerating, expanding, and individualizing learning. Our members and students are already actively engaged in building the schools and campuses of the future—including quality online communities. Increasingly, teachers, faculty, and staff are becoming curriculum designers who orchestrate the delivery of content using multiple instructional methods and technologies both within and beyond the traditional instructional day. Teaching and learning can now occur beyond the limitations of time and space. NEA embraces this new environment and these new technologies to better prepare our students for college and for 21st century careers.” – NEA – NEA Policy Statement on Digital Learning
  • “Is more data always better? Hardly. In fact, if you’re looking for correlations—is thing X connected to thing Y, in a way that will give me information I can act on?—gathering more data could actually hurt you.” – Most data isn’t “big,” and businesses are wasting money pretending it is – Quartz
  • “According to the survey, 86.9 percent of first-time, full-time freshmen in 2012 received some form of institutional aid, with the average award amount equal to 53.1 percent of the sticker price. Those numbers dropped slightly as students progressed through school. Students at small institutions were more likely to receive awards than were their peers at other institutions, but students at research universities were more likely to receive larger awards. The rising discount rate, coupled with enrollment declines at several of the institutions surveyed, is a reflection of the myriad forces that are making it harder for colleges to get students and their families to pay top dollar for a college education. Those forces include a decline in the number of traditional-aged college students, increased competition for students with the ability to pay, decreased household incomes, increased scrutiny of tuition hikes, and more questioning of the value of a college degree. “We are finding that our decision to increase tuition is less elastic than in previous years,” wrote one survey respondent, whose response was kept anonymous. “More and more families are ‘setting’ the amount of tuition that they are willing to pay, making it more difficult to increase net tuition revenue by increasing our sticker price.” – NACUBO survey reports sixth consecutive year of discount rate increases | Inside Higher Ed
  • “Not only does the FBI claim it can read emails and other electronic communications without a warrant — even after a federal appeals court ruled that doing so violates the Fourth Amendment — but the documents strongly suggest that different U.S. Attorneys’ offices around the country are applying conflicting standards to access communications content,” he wrote.” – FBI may be reading emails without a warrant  – NBC News.com
  • “Every time we make a mobile call or send a text message–which pings a cell tower–that info is recorded. So, with enough computer power, a company can draw pretty accurate conclusions about how and when people move through a city or a region. Or they can tell where people have come from to attend an event. As part of a recent case study, for example, Verizon was able to say that people with Baltimore area codes outnumbered those with San Francisco area codes by three to one inside the New Orleans Superdome for the Super Bowl in February. In a world enamored of geolocation, this is digital gold. It’s one thing to know the demographic blend of a community, but to be able to find out how many people pass by a business and where they’re coming from, that adds a whole nother level of precision to target marketing.” – What Phone Companies Are Doing With All That Data From Your Phone | Innovations
  • “You won’t keep control of your time, unless you can say ‘no.’ You can’t let other people set your agenda in life.” – Warren Buffett at a conference earlier this week.