Discovery Service Update

As of today, here is where we stand on implementation of our new discovery platform EDS.

  1. The site is functional, and we encourage folks to kick the tires a bit. To do so, point your browser to,uid&custid=s8366957&group=main&profile=eds (Username: usma / Password: cadet (if required)). There is a Help link in the upper right hand corner, or you can also click on the blue icon just to the right of the search box. Please note that we are still making active changes to the interface, so things may move around a bit.
  2. We are targeting a broader launch for around September 1st. That will be accompanied by announcements to the community. Our intent is to make this service the primary interface to our collections, so we will also deemphasize the service/resource specific interfaces where appropriate.
  3. On names, thank you to everyone who submitted votes and ideas. Our communications team reviewed both votes and a long list of new ideas submitted. We would like to propose the name Scout, which was not on our original list, but we thought fit both the purpose of the tool and our military/Army heritage. So what do you think of that option? The highest vote-getter among those on the ballot was Athena, which garnered four votes (of 12 cast … so not a majority nor a plurality). Please send along your opinions on Scout.