USMA Library Retires and Hires

By Michael Arden
Audiovisual Librarian – DSOC Liasion

Mr. Alan Aimone retired in June 2013 after 45 years on the staff of the USMA Library.  He joked that when he began his career he was the youngest librarian on staff and by the time he retired, he was the eldest.  Alan was from Chicago, and during his long career he was Head of Reference, later worked in Special Collections & Archives before resuming as a reference and liaison librarian for the Department of History with the library’s Information Gateway Division.  Widely considered an expert on local history, Alan published numerous historic articles during his years at the Library.  As an expert on West Point lore, he was interviewed by David Lipsky, the author of Absolutely American: Four Years at West Point, who credited Alan in his acknowledgments.  Alan and his wife retired to Las Vegas, where he runs a book appraisal business.

Mr. Paul Nergelovic retired in July 2013 after 30 years on the staff of the USMA Library.  He served as the library’s Government Documents Librarian, at which he excelled.  An outstanding researcher, Paul was sought out by faculty for his expertise, especially by his liaison departments, Social Sciences and Law.  Given his mastery of the esoteric world of government documents, Paul left big boots to fill in the Information Gateway Division.  Paul hails from and currently resides in New Windsor, New York, and hopes to travel far and wide in retirement. 

Two currently employed librarians, Ms. Karen Shea and Mr. Darrel Hankins, were recently promoted to fill vacancies in the Information Gateway Division.  Both were recruited in 2011 and 2012 respectively to fill GS-9 positions in the Access Services Division as circulation librarians, doubling as reference librarians.  Now newly minted GS-11 reference librarians, they have been warmly welcomed by their colleagues in their new division.  Karen is the liaison librarian with the Department of Mathematics and Darrell works with the Department of Behavioral Sciences and Leadership.

Finally, Mr. Thomas Lynch was recently recruited to fill yet another reference librarian vacancy in the Information Gateway Division.  When Thomas was in the area recently he stopped by the Library to meet with the staff, where he left a very good impression.  Thomas’ prior federal positions were at the Library of the Marine Corps – Marine Corps University in Quantico, VA, and the Marshall Center Research Library in Garmisch, Germany.  He is currently employed at the Smithsonian Institution in the position of Technical Information Specialist in the History and Culture Department, Readers Services Division, of the Smithsonian Institution Libraries, where he provides collections management support services to the Museum Support Center Library, the National Museum of the American Indian Library, and other departmental libraries.  Thomas will join the library staff this fall.