Mysteries Surrounding Reserve Room Revealed

“What is the Reserve Room used for?” This was one of the questions that new cadets were asked during a recent Library orientation and self- guided tour. Almost unanimously, their reply was “a room you can reserve for studying.” A logical answer yes, but not quite the one we were looking for.  New instructors are also often uncertain about the use of the Reserve Room and usually have lots of questions for Circulation staff members at the start of each semester.

So just what IS the Reserve Room and how CAN it be used?  To unravel this mystery, we have compiled a list of some frequently asked questions and answers, so both faculty and students can gain a better understanding of the Reserve Room and its uses.


The Reserve Room (not actually a “room”) is where faculty members can place required and supplemental class material aside for their students.  Course reserve materials are assigned more restrictive loan periods to ensure that all students have equal access to what is generally a limited amount of material. It is located on the North West side of the 4th floor (behind the partitioned walls).  Students are welcome to use this area to study quietly using the provided materials from their instructors.  

What kinds of materials can faculty place In the Reserve Room? 

Faculty may choose materials from the main circulating collection of the Library that are relative to the course they are teaching. Course reserve material may include: books, DVDs, journal articles, electronic resources, and instructional equipment/non-book items.  Personal items may also be housed in the Reserve Room for the semester.

 When and how can a faculty member submit a reserve request? 

Faculty members may submit reserve requests at any time during the semester. To see what materials are available, check the Library website at Book carts are available at the Circulation desk for gathering materials.  Requests can also be filled by contacting Donna Chestnut at Requests after October 30th should be referred to Jacy Pungello at

All faculty members must fill out a Course Reserve Room Request Form.  These can be found at the Circulation desk. Please allow a few days for processing reserve materials, especially at the beginning of the semester.

What are the Reserve Room Loan Periods?

Instructors can designate 3 loan periods for physical items. These are identified as follows: reserve4

All Yellow and Blue sticker items must be checked out at the Circulation desk, which is located on the second floor. All Instructor-owned materials MUST stay in the Reserve Room at all times.

  How are the materials in the Reserve Room organized? reserve3






Books are shelved in call number order and placed on the tall shelves on the south wall of the room.  There is a short bookshelf in the center of the room where AV materials and professor’s personal items are kept.

How can I look up Reserve Room Items?   A binder containing a complete list of instructors’ names and materials by course is located on a cart to the left as you enter the room. Students can also search the Library Catalog for reserves information. Visit the Library’s website at  Select – Services For Cadets and Faculty and then Reserves from the left hand column. This will take you to the catalog where you can search the provided fields by Course or Professor.

What about electronic reserves?

Electronic reserves are accessible online 24 hours a day and are not handled by the Library.  Faculty can upload their digital items to a content folder and make them available to their class.  For assistance, contact Patrick Gill x4670.  Note that most Library-owned materials can be linked using static URLs in favor of replicating copies to a Blackboard page.

Who should I talk to about Copyright questions?       

Faculty may refer questions regarding copyright issues to the Staff Judge Advocate, COL Keith Well at x3250 

 Is there a copier in the Reserve Room?

There is a copier available in the room, free for students’ use.

If you have still have questions regarding the Reserve Room, please feel free contact the Circulation desk at 845-938-2230.