Updates on Microform Reader-Printers and New Scanner

After some maintenance work performed last month on one of our Minolta microform reader-printers, we now have three functioning machines set up on the second floor of the Library’s Periodical Room. Two of the readers have printing capabilities and the third is the spill-over unit of last recourse, which doesn’t print (and sometimes buzzes loudly when powered on) but is usable as a reader.

The two units that print can handle both microfiche and microfilm reels, and the middle unit with a lens change to 87X can also read our old Library of American Civilization cards, although many of the articles have been digitized, and that, of course, is the preferred format.  Thanks to that friendly Masked Man from Moore Wing days, who knew exactly where the burnt out bulb was to be found in the unit that conked out!

 By the way, we now also have a new ScanSnap scanner set up by the west window in the Reference Collection (soon-to-be Display area) on the second floor.  It’s very user friendly – just follow the posted directions in the folder.  One very helpful feature is the capability to scan an original directly to Word so it becomes a writable document.  Check it out when you get a chance.

Michael Arden