Jefferson Hall Coffee Shop Reopens!

The Library does not run the coffee shop on the first floor of Jefferson Hall, so the sound of the espresso machine was like music to our librarian ears when it reopened a few weeks ago.  Open Monday – Friday from 700 – 2100, the shop is now selling Starbucks coffee and tea along with a host of other new products. 

That said, now seems like an appropriate time to review the types of food that can and can’t be brought into the Library.  For guidance, we’ve reviewed the guidelines set forth in the Dean’s Policy and Operating Memorandum 08-1.  This policy states thatLight snacks may be consumed in the Library….defined as finger food served at room temperature.”

To be more specific, we’ve created the list below of YES and NO foods (as in yes you can bring them into the Library and no you can’t), to help define exactly what can be brought up the stairs and eaten on floors two – five.  


With regard to beverages, an easy way to check what is permissible is to simply remember that that ALL drinks must have a screw top or be in a covered container.  No open cans or cups are allowed.

If you have a question or are unsure about what you can or can’t eat or drink in the Library, feel free to check with someone at the Circulation desk.  And one more thing…. please remember to clean up your garbage when you are finished.  Keeping the Library clean benefits all of us, saves time and money, and helps to preserve our facilities for future members of the Long Gray Line!


Library technician Kim Miller enjoys a beverage from the coffee shop during her break.