Security Procedures

Most or all of you are likely aware of the report aired on the New York City ABC affiliate regarding security at West Point. As a result of that report, we can all expect to see and feel new security measures over the coming days. I anticipate there will be a formal memo coming from the Superintendent, however the following are some of the measures that you can likely expect to see:

* Gate procedures will be more stringent and akin to those about five years ago.

* All civilians will be required to keep visible ID worn at all times.

* All visitors (essentially anyone in civilian clothing) will have to be escorted or have visible ID to be in Central Area, including the library and other academic buildings.

* All employees and cadets will be asked to verbally challenge anyone in Central Area without identification.

These changes may result in a review of our DPOM which specifies those who have access to Jefferson Hall. For now, I would ask that all library staff challenge anyone in the building without visible ID or out of uniform. For right now, we should enforce the DPOM (available on the Policies page on our website) which does allow access to the building to a number of individuals.

I will share more information as I have it, and please do not hesitate to ask any questions.