Security Measures – 14 November Update

Hopefully everyone has seen the memorandum distributed by the Superintendent regarding the changes in security procedures for West Point. I’d like to highlight some of those and given some additional information regarding library security:

  • Effective immediately all personnel must have their CAC with them as they move about Central Area. The Dean’s Office is working to acquire lanyards for all directorate personnel. These lanyards must be displayed and visible according to the Supt’s memo. Until lanyards are received, you should carry your CAC with you and display it as requested. This is not optional and supervisors are responsible for ensuring that all personnel comply with this directive.
  • All staff must approach individuals who are not in uniform and who are not displaying identification to ask them for ID and inquire about the nature of their visit. Guidelines for this are included in the Supt’s memo. Staff who are working public service desks in particular will need to be attentive to this. Any uncooperative persons should be reported to the MPs and individuals should not be left unobserved. Anyone without proper identification should be escorted outside of the inner security perimeter as defined in the memo.
  • For the library, we are still in discussions about what security measures will be introduced. This may involve cadet guards posted on the first and/or second floors. This explains the slight reconfiguration of furniture near the top of the stairs. We are also requesting that the rotunda desk be returned as a checkpoint. Final decisions have not been made on this yet, and once additional information is known I will share it.

I recognize that these are some significant changes and I know that there will be some additional changes coming that may impact our traditional workflows. We will continue to try to find the right balance of security and access as we move forward, and I would expect that our actual implementation with change as we evaluate effectiveness. Thank you for working to stand up these new procedures as quickly as possible. Please let me know if there are any questions.