East and West Entrances to Jefferson Hall Now Emergency Exit Only

Effective 20 November, the east and west entrances to Jefferson Hall will be secured 24/7 and will be available for emergency exit only. All those seeking to enter or exit Jefferson Hall should use the main south entrance across from Bartlett Hall. This change is at the direction of the Superintendent and is designed to improve security for cadets, faculty, and staff. Signs in the hallways and on the doors themselves will redirect traffic through the main entrance. All cadets, faculty, and staff, including those assigned to Jefferson Hall are asked to adhere to and uphold this access policy.

Staff who work in Jefferson Hall and who require off-hours access through one of the restricted entrances may continue to enter, however, they must ensure that the entrances remain secure and locked after entering. Staff access through these doors is only permitted when the facility is closed. We will have additional guidance forthcoming regarding access procedures for personnel assigned to Jefferson Hall once it is complete.