Spring 2014 Library Service Announcements

Print Management System Deploys in the Library

In an effort to encourage and promote good printing practices, the Library
will be deploying a new system called PaperCut effective Monday, 13 January
2014. Systems like PaperCut are installed on nearly all other college and
university campuses as a tool to help manage printing. Here are some of the
specifics that users who print to library printers will need to know as we
move to the new system:

  • Public printers in the library will be attached to the new system and
    anyone printing to those printers will need to map the printers through the
    proper print server. Effective Friday, 10 January 2014, the old print queues
    will be deleted. At that time, all users will be required to map the new
    printers. More information on how to do this is available at the reference
    or circulation desks in the Library.
  • Cadets will be initially assigned individual print allowances of 300 pages
    per semester. When jobs are printed, the total number of pages printed are
    decremented from the total. In the case that a user meets or exceeds their
    total, they can request additional allowance be given. Faculty and staff
    will not have specific quotas assigned.
  • There will be no charge to cadets for printing allowances, however
    printing in the library is a service provided to support academic work. Jobs
    printed in the library should be academic in nature.
  • Individual print jobs should be fifty pages or less and should be printed
    on letter size only. In the case that exceptions are required to these
    parameters, users may speak with a library staff person.
  • After submitting a print job to be printed, users will need to release the
    job using their CAC at the new workstation located next to our printers.
    This will help eliminate unclaimed print jobs. Jobs that are not claimed
    within one hour will be cleaned out of the queue automatically.

Our goal is to improve awareness of printing and help encourage thought
about what needs to be printed and what does not. We will continue to
provide free printing in support of cadet academic work and this system is
not a step toward changing that policy. We do want to expand awareness that
printing is an expensive service to provide that has the capability of
generating significant waste. In times of restricted resources, managing
services like printing efficiently is a priority for the entire community.

As always, cadets should allow plenty of time to print jobs in the library.
Questions regarding this new system may be directed to the reference or
circulation desks.

RefWorks No Longer Available

Due to technical issues that impair reliable and full use of the citation
management tool RefWorks on the USMA network, USMA Library has not renewed
our contract to provide RefWorks as an online bibliographic and citation
management tool. This change was effective 1 January 2014. Based on service
usage data, we know this has impacted only a small subset of users. We are
continuing to review alternative products that provide this service and USMA
Library maintains a guide on citation management
(http://usma.libguides.com/content.php?pid=180086&sid=1514951) that
contains information about different citation formats and tools. Specific
tools that can replace RefWorks include EasyBib and Zotero. Users who wish
to continue to use the RefWorks service can continue their account as a
personal subscription, or export their data for use in other products.
Please contact your library liaison for additional questions regarding
citation management tools and services.

Security and Access Changes for Jefferson Hall

With the revised access policies implemented in November, access to
Jefferson Hall is now restricted to cadets, faculty, and staff. All other
visitors (including graduates, parents, and other cadet guests) must be
escorted by appropriately credentialed and authorized personnel. The east
entrance door is no longer a public entrance or exit. All building guests
should enter and exit via the west or south doors.

Bags, laptops, or other personal effects should never be left unattended in
Jefferson Hall. All unattended bags will be reported to the MPs and screened

Guidance on Library Assistance for Cadets

One of the best ways for cadets to get an extra leg up on their academic
work is to partner with a librarian to better take advantage of the services
and materials available through the USMA Library. Personal appointments with
librarians are available for consultation and guidance. When possible,
setting appointments between 0745-1630 will ensure the availability of the
best subject specialist, though evening appointments can also be arranged.
To arrange a time to meet, stop by or email the Reference Desk staff with
your name and topic of research.

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