Discover a Database! Issues & Controversies

Issues & ControversiesHere’s another in our series of articles featuring information about the USMA Library’s subscription databases.

    Issues & Controversies is a collection complied by Facts on File, a company known for providing timely and comprehensive information about current events. Featuring articles that go into depth on the most divisive and important topics of the day, Issues & Controversies is a great place to start looking for a paper topic for classes in the social sciences, or to choose an issue to write about for an SS 202 (American Politics) paper. There’s a convenient listing of hot topics on the home page, such as:
  • NSA Affordable Care Act
  • Antitrust Law
  • Drones
  • Economic Sanctions
  • Gambling
  • Gay Rights
  • Gun Control
  • Immigration Policy
  • The Legacy of the Arab Spring
  • Net Neutrality
  • NSA Surveillance Programs
  • Police Brutality
  • Private Property Rights
  • U.S. Policy Towards Iran
  • Voting Rights Act

The site also includes a search box and subject index to help you find information on an area of interest – plus, you can find debates that support either side of the argument on controversial issues in the news.

  • Who should use this collection: Cadets taking classes on politics and social issues.
  • What those users will find:
  • In-depth treatment of controversial topics in today’s headlines, including background information for/key events in the history of the topic.
  • Explanation of relevant legislation.
  • Descriptions of any interest groups.
  • Government actors and citizen involvement in the issue.
  • Presentation of the views from opposing sides of the issue.

Tips for searching Issues and Controversies:

  • Follow the link to Issues & Controversies under the “Social Sciences” heading of the USMA Library’s “Databases by Topic” page.
  • If you’re looking for a current topic, review the list of links on the top right of the home page under “Issues in the Headlines.” A featured topic appears under the main photo on the home page as well; just click “more” if that topic is of interest.
  • You can always perform a search using the search box and limiters in the upper left portion of the page, or browse the “Subject Index” to investigate specific topics in general subject areas.
  • Finally, if you’re looking for a debate, check out “Issues: Pro and Con” for views on all sides of a topic.

As always, ask a Librarian for help if you have any questions about any of our research products!