Discover a Database! World at War: Understanding Conflict and Society

WorldatwarThis week we continue to look at information about the USMA Library’s subscription databases.

Today’s featured database, Word at War, is a rich collection of resources dedicated to looking at War with the goal of developing a greater understanding of conflict and the societies affected by this phenomenon throughout recorded history. The database covers 13 periods from Ancient Greece to the present, providing unique insights into the military conflicts that have defined the world’s identity.

• Provides complete overviews of more than 40 wars, with timelines, causes and consequences, portraits of opponents, and links to supporting facts, figures, primary sources, and audiovisual content
• The Idea Exchange tab supports student inquiry into historical dilemmas posed by Enduring Questions like “Did the Paris Peace Settlement that officially ended World War I make World War II inevitable?” and “Was the United States justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?”
• Includes 9,000 authoritative reference entries, including biographies and discussions of important places, events, movements, ideas, artifacts, and organizations
• More than 10,000 primary sources, including photos, maps, personal accounts, and video and audio clips for analyses or enhancing lectures

Who should use this collection?

Cadets who are taking classes in Sociology, American Politics, American History, International Relations, Comparative Politics.

Users will be able to:
• Research and find detailed collections of documents relating to geographical, political, and historical coverage of world conflict along with analysis of individual societies during specific time periods and conflicts.
• Access content with question and analysis through the Idea Exchange tab to provoke deeper thought on subject matter related to conflict and society.
• Use basic and advanced search queries as well as options to search by categories, wars, and regions.

Tips for searching World at War

• Search by categories, wars and regions by selecting one or more at a time.
• Use quick search box to get started with keyword searching of content
• Use the click here for time saving tips link to expand search capabilities.
As always, ask a Librarian for help if you have any questions about any of our research products!

Contents contributed by Reference Librarian, Darrell Hankins