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Have you ever read a book that you loved so much you wanted to tell everyone  you know about it? Or maybe you’ve read something great based on a friend’s recommendation. It seems that word-of-mouth is often the best way to find a good book.

Here at the USMA Library we literally have thousands of books to choose from, so deciding which ones to read can sometimes be bewildering. To help alleviate the guess work, we are starting a series that will highlight some of our favorites. With reviews written by library staff members, the books featured here are not necessarily the “best books” – just books we have read and loved.

All the items featured will be available for checkout at the USMA Library.

We will begin with a title that has gotten a lot of attention lately, as its movie adaptation opened June 6th.

jacketThe Fault in Our Stars (TFIOS)
By John Green
Published: 1/10/12 by Dutton Books

You’ve probably already heard about this book (especially with the film of the same name coming out this summer), but you thought that reading a book about teenagers with cancer would be too depressing, sappy, or saccharine. You might’ve even decided the book was too “young,” considering it is technically YA (Young Adult) fiction. TFIOS will obliterate all of your preconceived notions. John Green does not shy away from the realities of illness and death, but at its core, the book is an incredibly intelligent celebration of everything beautiful in life, and what it means to be alive. Trust your librarian, and go read it now. You can even come visit the circulation desk and tell me what you thought. Tissues and moral support will be provided.

Lauren Hall, Access Services, West Point, NY

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