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SciFinder scifinderis the leading research tool for chemists and researchers, providing the essential content and proven results scientists need to increase productivity and make faster breakthroughs. SciFinder includes information about many different types of substances, their synonyms, molecular formulas, ring analysis, structure diagrams, experimental and predicted property data. In addition, other topics that are covered are: proteomics, genomics, biochemistry, biochemical genetics and macromolecules. Or, you can search physical, inorganic, organic and analytical chemistry. You can research a topic, a chemical reaction or a reaction structure.

  • First-time users must register: SciFinder User Registration. After a quick registration, you should receive an email saying: “You have successfully completed the registration process. To sign in to SciFinder®, click the link below.”
  • TIP: Scifinder will “remember” you for two weeks, unless you LOGOFF. X-out instead of logging off.
  • Search tips for SciFinder:
  1. When researching a topic, it is usually best to search on a phrase, such as “methods of detecting drugs or hazardous materials.”
  2. To search a chemical structure you can draw a structure in the structure editor or import one from an external file. You can also search on a molecular formula to retrieve substances with molecular formulas matching the symbols in your query. You can retrieve substance references or reactions, specific to biological or other studies.
  3. Remember to save your searches and create an alert to “keep you posted,” on future substances with the same criteria.
  4. References cover both CAPlus and MEDLINE

Contents contributed by Manja Yirka, Continuing Resources Librarian