LibGuides Supporting Department of Social Sciences.

The USMA Library has published two new LibGuides supporting the Department of Social Sciences.


Could you guess which academic majors are consistently among the top three most popular at West Point?  They are Economics, Mechanical Engineering and Management; all three vie for the top position each year.

Economics is the study of how society manages its scarce resources.  The Economics program at West Point includes required courses on the national and international economies, the decision-making processes of firms and individuals, and the application of economic principles to national security issues.  In addition, there are courses on international trade, comparative economic systems, developing economies, principles of finance and accounting, managerial economics, and financial institutions.  Each course emphasizes the development of principles which can be applied to help resolve important public policy issues.  The USMA Library has a new LibGuide to ECONOMICS that
identifies resources supporting research in this field.

Comparative Politics

Have you ever noticed how in world politics a particular “ism” might change the fate of millions of people, whether for better or for worse – or even catastrophically?  Think federalism, monarchism, socialism, communism, fascism, Stalinism and Nazism, for example.

Comparative Politics makes a study of how the various systems of governance and social organization shape the world’s nations and peoples.  Cadets pursuing the study of Comparative Politics have the opportunity to analyze the sources of stability or instability in political regimes, and to examine the conditions that promote either democratic or authoritarian rule in a number of diverse settings, ranging from Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, to Africa, as well as the United States.  Not only do students examine political institutions and policies, but they also explore the meanings and sources of change that may spring from the ballot box or the barrel of a rifle.  The USMA Library has a new LibGuide to COMPARATIVE POLITICS that identifies resources supporting research in this field.

Both Guides were developed by the Audiovisual and Social Sciences Liaison Librarian, Michael G. Arden.