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LexisNexis Academic is a database that faculty and students will want to examine for searching legal cases, whether federal or state. In addition, business news and up-to-date hot topics are readily searchable in full text.


  • Legal
    • Extensive legal sources for federal and state cases and statutes, including U.S. Supreme Court decisions since 1790
    • Federal court decisions, laws and regulations
    • State court decisions and state codes, including constitutions, court rules and attorneys general opinions
    • Verify authority with Shepard’s® Citations Service
  • News
    • Broadcast transcripts from network and major cable news sources
    • Newswire services to keep you current, since they are updated during the day
    • Blogs and videos
  • Business
    • Business information on over 80 million U.S. and international companies

SEARCHING: LexisNexisAcademic has a customized search box for beginners, and advanced search ability for more experienced searchers. Search options:

  • For beginners or for quick searches, see the large red “Academic Search” box which searches content across the combined collection of resources.


  • Advanced searchers can limit their searches by clicking on Advanced Options to limit by date, source and content type.



  • Hot Topic Links are updated as news happens; a great place to start your research
  • Source Directory allows you to use Find to search by keyword or Browse to limit your search by publication type
  • Check out the widgets LexisNexis has already created, which make it super easy to search. For example, in the NEWS widget you can limit your search by publication, wire service or even blogs. The BUSINESS widget lets you get at company information by name or ticker symbol. Search legal cases easily by citation, using the LEGAL widget—or, if you should happen to know the parties involved, such as Miranda v. Arizona, you could easily get these results:


  • Click on Create Permanent Link to the right of the center of your screen


to obtain a permanent link for your document, so that you can return to it at a later time and provide an accurate reference for an assignment .

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Contents contributed by Manja Yirka, Continuing Resources Librarian