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Information regarding USMA Library facilities (Jefferson Hall, Bartlett Hall, Library Annex).

USMA Library Transitions to Summer Hours

Effective, Friday, June 12, 2015, USMA Library is operating on our summer hours. This means the library will close at 1630 on most days and will also remain closed on Saturdays and Sundays. There are some exceptions to these hours. For specific hours for any day, please see our Hours page.

We will resume extended hours to support the Fall Term on Monday, August 10, 2015.

Fall 2014 Service Announcements


Later this fall, our primary welcome and circulation desk will move to the first floor of Jefferson Hall. Construction has been ongoing since late summer on the new desk and service area. This new location will allow us to enhance both service and security for Jefferson Hall. Once the move is complete, materials will be checked out and returned on the first floor (no more climbing up the stairs to return a book). The new desk will serve as a primary welcome point for anyone visiting Jefferson Hall where staff can provide assistance and guidance on services, events, and policies. Outside guests visiting the library will also have a new checkpoint for registration and clearance. Eventually, with our new collection security perimeter incorporating the first floor rotunda, we will also reprogram the elevators to be able to move freely to all floors (no more switching cars on the second floor). We hope these changes will make it easier for guests and researchers to use and gain information about library services while increasing overall facility and collection security.


This past spring, guests to Jefferson Hall may have noticed the newly configured flexible use space on the second floor adjacent to the Reference Desk in the northwest corner of the floor. This space formerly housed our print reference collection and now affords us a flexible use area for exhibits, collection engagement, cadet study, and a place for support activities to other building events. The reference collection formerly in this location has been either assimilated into the general collections (where we are already seeing higher use of these materials and they are available for circulation), or consolidated into a smaller ready reference collection that remains next to the Reference Desk. We have installed new easy-to-move-and-configure tables, chairs and other seating. The space is already seeing high use from cadets throughout the day and evenings.


This summer the Library published our annual program review which includes information about our activities during the 2013-14 academic year as well as a look ahead at our goals and objectives for the coming academic year. The review is available for download on the USMA Library website.


Per force protection policies put in place this past year, all visitors in Jefferson Hall should be in uniform, or have valid DoD identification displayed at all times. Outside guests should be accompanied by West Point personnel at all times.


Hours for operation for USMA Library and Jefferson Hall are always posted on our website. Please note that there can be adjusted hours based on the schedule for the Corps of Cadets.

Special Collections and Archives is now available for research 0800-1600 Monday through Friday. For best service, advance coordination of resources to be consulted is advised. More information is available.


We’d love to keep you up-to-date throughout the year on library news and programs. You can follow our blog, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.

New Faculty Orientations at the USMA Library

Department of GeNe  viewing the USMA Library's website.

Department of GeNe instructors viewing the USMA Library’s website as part of new faculty orientations at the USMA Library.

During the “dog days” of summer, USMA Librarians keep busy by working on various projects and initiatives that prepare us and our patrons for the demands of the upcoming academic year. One of the notable ways we do this is by conducting tours of the Library for incoming staff and faculty. Most of the Librarians at the USMA Library serve as Liaisons to specific Academic Departments; as part of the faculty development workshops in these Departments, Library Liaisons lead new staff and faculty members on tours that introduce them to the services and resources of the Library.

Newly assigned instructors receive library card application.

Newly assigned instructors receive library card application.

From 1 through 31 July, nine of our Liaison Librarians gave a total of 120 new faculty and staff members an overview of what we can do for them – and for their cadets! –  during these tours. The Liaison Librarians use the Library’s website – our gateway to the vast digital and physical resources available to our patrons – as a jumping-off point, demonstrating the variety of resources that can be accessed both locally and through inter-library loan. We show our new colleagues that our website also provides information on our hours, staff, and methods for requesting and renewing resources.

Instructors from the Math Department view archival documents in the Heritage Room.

Instructors from the Math Department view archival documents in the Heritage Room.

We explain the services available from our staff, including: the creation of subject- or course-specific research guides (accessible through the Library website); library instruction sessions tailored to the research requirements of specific assignments; and our Reserve Room, where materials can be placed on reserve by instructors in order that all cadets in their classes may have access to them. Of course, no trip to the Library is complete without a visit to the 6th floor Haig Room and terrace, and a stop at the Class of 1986 Ring Case.

Department of English and Philosophy instructors view the Haig Room.

Department of English and Philosophy instructors view the Haig Room.

It’s our goal that the new faculty and staff at USMA understand the resources and services the Library provides for them and their cadets, and know to call on us whenever they have a research needs associated with their personal, professional, or teaching duties.

Contributors:  Laura Mosher, Reference Librarian (article); Barbara Maroney (photos)

Library Hours Final Through 5 January 2015

We now have final hours for the library approved through Sunday, 5 January 2015.  You can view the hours here.

Please note the following days with special operating hours:

  • Home Football Saturdays (6 September, 4 October, 11 October, and 22 November), we are open 1530-2100.
  • Home Football Saturday (1 November), we are open 1500-2100.
  • Veterans Day (11 November), we are open 0900-2315.
  • Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following Thanksgiving, we are closed.
  • Army-Navy Day (13 December), we are closed.
  • Term End Exams (16-19 December), we are open 0700-2315 each day. Saturday 20 December, we are open 0700-1900.
  • Christmas Day, the day following Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, and the day following New Year’s Day, we are closed.

Haig Room Reopened

Haig Rm 2The wood floors in the main Haig room, the piano room, as well as the hallway and entranceway have been sanded and refinished.  The cherry-wood chairs used for special events have been repaired and refurbished.  The terrazzo tile in the rotunda has been washed and waxed.  The pantry area and the hallway chair storage rooms are being refreshed and reoganized to better support the many special events which take place throughout the year.

West Point and Victor de Grailly

Victor de Grailly, "View from West Point," circa 1840.  Oil on board. (West Point Museum Collection, United States Military Academy; Gift of Mr. Alexander Patrick Dyer (USMA 1954) and his wife Shirley)

Victor de Grailly, “View from West Point,” circa 1840. Oil on board. (West Point Museum Collection, United States Military Academy; Gift of Mr. Alexander Patrick Dyer (USMA 1954) and his wife Shirley)

Throughout the academic and memorial buildings at the Academy is an outstanding collection of historic artwork and artifacts culled from the collection of the West Point Museum.  The USMA Library currently houses wonderful examples of artwork and sculpture depicting famous graduates, distinguished professors and well-known battles fought throughout history.  A recent addition to the artwork on view at the Library is a reproduction of View from West Point by Victor de Grailly circa 1840.1

While the work appears to be a typical landscape scene from the Hudson River School, it was actually created by a French landscape artist who never came to America.  Victor de Grailly (1804 – 1889) specialized in painting American views that he copied from prints by a British engraver, William Henry Bartlett (1809 – 1854).  Bartlett was an avid traveler.  He spent his life visiting and illustrating a variety of locales throughout the world.  His illustrations were then translated into engravings and published in travel books.  This particular engraving first appeared in the book American Scenery; or, Land, Lake, and River Illustrations of Transatlantic Nature by Nathaniel P. Willis (1840).2   It was one of the most popular of such publications, and, most likely, the source for de Grailly’s painting.  Willis’ poetic description of West Point in American Scenery gives his readers a vivid idea of the vibrancy of the landscape:

Of the river scenery of America, the Hudson, at West Point, is doubtless the boldest and most beautiful.  This powerful river writhes through the highlands in abrupt curves, reminding one, when the tide runs strongly down, of Laocoon in the enlacing folds of the serpent.  The different spurs of mountain ranges which meet here, abut upon the river in bold precipices from five to fifteen hundred feet from the water’s edge; the foliage hangs to them, from the base to summit, with the tenacity and bright verdure of moss; and the stream below, deprived of the slant lights which brighten its depths elsewhere, flows on with a somber and dark green shadow in its bosom, as if frowning at the narrow gorge into which its broad-breasted waters are driven.3

William Henry Bartlett, "View from West Point," (Hudson River), c. 1835.  Engraving. (West Point Museum Collection, United States Military Academy)

William Henry Bartlett, “View from West Point,” (Hudson River), c. 1835. Engraving. (West Point Museum Collection, United States Military Academy)

This description would have certainly helped Victor de Grailly as the engravings in the book were only printed in black and white.  The colors in the painting are de Grailly’s interpretation of what he believed the West Point landscape might have looked like.


This piece is one of four paintings by Victor de Grailly in the Museum’s collection.   In addition to being visually spectacular, the paintings, prints and drawings in the Museum’s collection serve to document the visual history and artistic interpretation of West Point and the surrounding landscape.

1 The original painting is currently on view at the West Point Museum in the West Point Gallery.
2  This two-volume publication is available in the Special Collections department of the USMA Library.
3  Nathaniel P. Willis, American Scenery; Or, Land, Lake, and River Illustrations of  Transatlantic Nature (London: George Virtue, 1840), I, p. 6

Contents contributed by Marlana Cook, Curator of Art, West Point Museum



Alexander Haig Room Renovations

The Alexander Haig room is closed until mid-July for repairs and maintenance.  The wood floors in the main room, the piano room, as well as the hallway and entranceway are being sanded and refinished.  The worn cherry wood chairs used for special events have been sent out for repair.  The pantry area and the hallway chair storage rooms will be refreshed and reoganized to better support the many events that take place throughout the year.  During the time these spaces are closed, the Terrace will remain open.

Library Transitions to Summer Hours

Effective Friday, June 13th, USMA Library will transition to our summer hours. We will now be open Monday through Friday from 0700-1630. We will be closed all Saturdays, Sundays, and on Independence Day.

Effective Monday, August 11th, we will begin our Reorganization Week hours, and effective Monday, August 18th, we will resume full hours of operation for fall semester.

As always, all hours of operation are posted to our website.

Library Transitions to STAP Hours

Beginning Monday, May 19th and running until Friday, June 13th, USMA Library will transition to STAP operating hours:

  • Sundays: 1300-2100
  • Mondays: 0700-2100
  • Tuesdays: 0700-2100
  • Wednesdays: 0700-2100
  • Thursdays: 0700-2100
  • Fridays: 0700-1630
  • Saturdays: CLOSED

USMA Library will be open 0700-2100 on Memorial Day, though primarily in support of special events. Limited service is available that day.

Library summer hours will begin on Saturday, June 14th.