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Information regarding USMA Library facilities (Jefferson Hall, Bartlett Hall, Library Annex).

Library Classroom Audio-Visual Equipment Being Upgraded

Audio-visual equipment upgrades are now underway in library classrooms and collaborative spaces in Jefferson Hall. This work will replace some aging equipment and bring new capabilities such as smart boards into some spaces once the upgrade process is complete. Installers are working room-by-room and after the initial physical installation, some rooms will require new programming with the controller equipment to be able to work with the new hardware. Thanks for your patience as we work through the upgrade process.

2014 Spring Leave Hours

Operating hours for Jefferson Hall and USMA Library circulation and reference services are listed below. The Special Collections and Archives Reading Room (JH 314) will be open only by appointment 17-21 March.  Staff and faculty seeking appointments should contact Suzanne Christoff by e-mail to

  • Friday 14 March – 0600-1630
  • Saturday 15 March – 0800-1000 for Plebe Parent Weekend Tours
  • Sunday 16 March – CLOSED
  • Monday 17 March – 0700-1630
  • Tuesday 18 March – 0700-1630
  • Wednesday 19 March – 0700-1630
  • Thursday 20 March – 0700-1630
  • Friday 21 March – 0700-1630
  • Saturday 22 March – CLOSED
  • Sunday 23 March 1500-2315
  • Monday 24 March – Regular Hours Resume

Library Access Policies Adjusted

In order to harmonize with recent changes to access polices for the Central Post Restricted Area, we have now adjusted access policies for Jefferson Hall. These changes can be found on our website and in new DPOMs that have been just completed.

Going forward, the following individuals are authorized unescorted access within the Library:

  1. Military personnel in uniform (all approved uniforms with the exception of physical fitness uniforms). Equivalent uniforms worn by other Service and international military personnel assigned to or visiting West Point in an official status are also permitted.
  2. Military personnel, their spouses, and family members (14 years of age or older) in civilian clothing provided that they display their CAC/DoD identification card on their outer garment at all times in Jefferson Hall. Spouses or family members in this category without DoD or West Point issued identification are not eligible for unescorted access.
  3. West Point and USMA DoD civilian employees, ODIA employees, Association of Graduates employees, contractors, their spouses, and family members (14 years of age or older) provided that they display their DoD/West Point/ODIA/Contractor identification card on their outer garment at all times in Jefferson Hall. Individuals or family members in this category without DoD or West Point issued identification are not eligible for unescorted access.
  4. Registered and credentialed attendees of Superintendent-approved, Dean-approved, or Librarian-approved events/appointments held in Jefferson Hall. This includes members of the general public who request to use the collection under 44 USC 19 – 1909 governing open access to government collections, and researchers with scheduled appointments to consult materials held in Special Collections and/or Archives. Individuals in this category must display the name/identification badge provided to them at all times while in Jefferson Hall. This badge is valid only for Jefferson Hall and does not permit unescorted access through the Central Post Restricted Area.

Users in categories 1, 2, and 3 are also authorized access through the Central Post Restricted Area. Users in category 4 are not authorized access through the Central Post Restricted Area and must accompanied by appropriately credentialed personnel while outside of Jefferson Hall. This includes arriving to or departing from the Library.

Library staff will approach building visitors without visible identification. We will also have badge holders available at the service desks for individuals who have ID, but don’t have a way to appropriately display it. The Library administrative office is acquiring some visitor badges which we will assign as needed to Library guests. Event coordinators for events in the library will be asked to make sure their event guests wear their event badge at all times within Jefferson Hall. Questions can be directed to the Library administrative office.

Library Adjusts Hours for Exams and Winter Leave

Hours of service for the USMA Library and Jefferson Hall will be adjusted to support term end exams and winter leave. Notable changes or exceptions are listed below. A full list of all operating hours is available on our website.

Notable changes include:

  • Fri 13 DEC – We open early at 0600 to support the modified class day.
  • Sat 14 DEC – We are closed for Army/Navy.
  • Sun-Thur 15-19 DEC – Regular Hours
  • Fri 20 DEC – We are open late to 2315 in support of TEEs.
  • Sat 21 DEC – We have modified hours 0700-1500.

Between Sunday 22 DEC and Saturday 4 JAN, we will operate Winter Leave hours:

  • CLOSED – Sundays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays
  • Open 0700-1630 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

We will open for spring term hours on Sunday 5 JAN at 1300.

Regular  Special Collections Reading Room hours will be suspended from 17 December through 3 January.  USMA patrons may contact Suzanne Christoff at x3259 regarding accommodation.

West Door to Jefferson Open for Entrance/Exit

Effective today, the west door to Jefferson Hall will be open normal facility hours for anyone to enter or exit the building. This is possible because of the guard now stationed at the north end of Thayer Road. All opening and closing library staff should unsecure and secure this door at the same time we do the main south door.

The east door to Jefferson Hall remains emergency use only. Because this door faces the public street and is not as easy for the guard to watch, we will keep a restricted use on the east door.

Cadet Guard Changes

Effective today, many may have noticed the new perimeter guards both at the north end of Thayer Road just outside the west entrance to the library, and at the east end of Jefferson Place, near the east entrance to the library. Those guards have been placed per ongoing conversations with the Superintendent. For the time being, those guards will ensure that all individuals entering the secure Central Area zone are credentialed. Since anyone entering Jefferson Hall from the outer perimeter will need to show ID at those and other locations around Central Area, USCC is no longer providing an internal guard within Jefferson Hall. This situation may continue to evolve and change.